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Úvod English Activities of SDC
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  • we provide comments to legislative proposals concerning people with disabilities and their integration into the society, we submit our own proposals, we take part in the preparation of legislative proposals and consultations;
  • we negotiate and co-operate with the representatives of the general government and self-governments with the aim of improving the position of the people with disabilities, supporting efficient implementation of current legislation and prevention of misunderstandings in its implementation;
  • we organise lectures, conferences, seminars and trainings concentrated mainly on raising the awareness of people with disabilities on their rights, on developing the capacities of their organisations in defending the rights of people with disabilities and promoting equal opportunities, raising the awareness of the public about the rights, possibilities and abilities of people with disabilities and on the methods for the prevention and elimination of barriers of all types and about the benefits of barrier-free society for all.
  • through projects, we also try to improve the quality of life for the people with disabilities, concentrating in particular on informal education increasing their employability, provision of information and advisory to employers about the possibilities of employing such people, on the mainstreaming of disability into development strategies of the general government and self-governments, on accepting people with disabilities as equal members of the society and on combating discrimination on the ground of disability.
  • we issue advisory publications for people with disabilities, their family members, employers and the public and we present the results of surveys looking at the situation of people with disabilities.
  • we cooperate with international disabled persons' organisations through the European Disability Forum.
  • SDC Chairman is a member of EDF Presidency; in this way, we try to shape the opinions of European institutions and the European legislation and promote transfer of knowledge from EU countries into Slovakia. We take part in international projects aimed at promoting good practices and values of European citizenship. At the request of the individual directorates of the European Commission and the European Disability Forum, we prepare informational materials about the situation of the people with disabilities. We closely cooperate with the Slovak members of the European Parliament in the preparation of documents for European Parliament meetings concerning people with disabilities.